Monday, May 4, 2009

Interlude: a shelf and a reading list for the plane

A brief one this week, as I'm getting ready to go out to Los Angeles for a sales conference. Thought I'd post some pictures of one of my bookshelves. I'm about a month away from moving into a new place and I'm hoping to somehow replace my cheap shelves from Target with genuinely nice ones like this. Love the way my girlfriend's plant fits right in!

Seeing as I'll be spending a good deal of this week in airports, I thought I'd bring a few books with me. I surely won't be getting to all of them, but I like to give myself options. Right now, I'm about 170 pages into Bolano's The Savage Detectives, so I'll pack that with hopes of finishing it. I've been deep into Bolano's ouvre since 2666 came out in November and The Savage Detectives will be the last one for me, having read all the others that have been transalted into Engilsh. I feel a big Bolano entry will make its way to The Oxen soon, although I may need a few more months to let his books simmer in my mind.

After The Savage Detectives, I'll be heading to either Colm Toibin's Brooklyn or Denis Johnson's Nobody Move. I'm feeling it might be the Johnson because it just looks so much more fun. Those bullet holes? Yeah, they go straight through the jacket. And underneath? Pulpy cartoon drawings of hoodlums. Don't think I could ask for a better airplane read...!

Until next week--

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