Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ian McEwan's Solar (Waterstone's signed limited edition)

Today I received my copy of Ian McEwan's Solar from Waterstone's in the UK. It's a signed, slipcased edition, limited to 1,000 copies worldwide. Aside from the gold lettering on the black cloth spine, the slipcase is the only portion of the book that features any sort of text. The front and back of the actual book are bound in printed, text-less boards, each with a different "extinguished" sun image. And finally, my favorite detail: the edges of the book are midnight black.

I think publisher's in the UK have got it right--go a little further with your big names and create a signed, limited edition for all the devoted collector's out there. I'm told that there's a leather-bound edition of Solar out there somewhere, limited to something small like 100 copies, but I can't even find an image of what that looks like. Looks like that will be quite a rare one...

To be honest, I don't know much about Solar yet. I've read it's about climate change and that it's not as heavy as his previous works. I'm just digging into John Banville's new one so it might be a bit before I get Solar... but I'm very much looking forward to it.

Since this is a Waterstone's exclusive, it can be found here for 35GBP.

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  1. For anybody who's interested, I have copies of the limited edition of 100 copies, two of which will be listed on eBay shortly. Go to for more info

  2. Here you go