Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Philip Roth's NEMESIS, designed by Milton Glaser

The next book I'm slated to review on is the new Philip Roth book, Nemesis. As a big Roth fan, I was very excited when it arrived. I feel Milton Glaser did a fantastic job with the design, and I LOVE the book's spine. It's a little tough to see, but the publisher info comes first (centered at the top), leaving the title and author both for the base of the spine. So simple, yet so, so good.

(Unfortunately, this might be the best thing about the book... I'm under the impression that Nemesis is Roth's attempt at poisoning the Horatio Alger library, and by doing so he has ended up making a paranoid Americana book that just might actually be... boring? I've still got sixty pages to go, so fingers crossed that things get better.)


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