Monday, February 14, 2011

Introducing: The Perpetual Calendar

I am very excited to share this with you all--although somewhat of a change of pace from the normal posts at The Oxen of the Sun, I hope readers of the blog enjoy this new project. In addition to my book endeavors, I've got an ever-evolving list of musical ventures with friends here in Brooklyn. Off and on over the past seven years or so, I've been working at a classical project of short piano pieces, and only last year did I see how these songs should finalized.

"The Perpetual Calendar" is a cycle of the first five pieces in what I hope will be a long-form, ongoing recording project. The title comes from the aria to Richard Powers's exquisite novel The Goldbug Variations, which very much influenced me. An excerpt:

What could be simpler? Four
scale-steps descend from Do.
Four such measures carry over
the course of four phrases, then home.

At first mere four-ale, the theme swells
to four seasons, four compass points, four winds,
forcing forth the four corners of a world
perfect for getting lost in

Now, to give this project a little bit of blog-relevance, I'm excited to announce that I'm in the process of assembling a limited, lettered edition of 26 handmade CDs (very much influenced by Black Sparrow Press). Each case is cloth bound, and features a unique found-photo collage like the image above.

Once the CDs are done, I will certainly let you all know. But, until then, here's a link to the music, where you can stream, download, and click through selected artwork. Hope you enjoy.

Jeff Alford: piano
Derek Piech: upright bass

Chris Kiehne: production, vocals on "Part III"
Emily Young: artwork

Mark DeWilde: lettering

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