Sunday, March 27, 2011

Early Richard Powers firsts, with original press release

Here are two first editions of Richard Powers's first two books, Three Farmers On Their Way To A Dance and Prisoner's Dilemma, published in the 80s by Beech Tree.

It's difficult to explain what sort of a writer Powers is; scientific-fiction would almost work if it didn't sound so much like sci-fi. His novels each grow from a deeply scientific base; they often deal in psychology and computer science but are written with such poeticism that Powers is able to pull readers through the analytics and lead them towards a natural and emotional core.

More people should read him--his novel The Echo Maker (about the devastating Capgras Syndrome, a brain disorder where you think your loved ones are impostors) widened his audience with the National Book Award, but I think he deserves a whole lot more.

One thing exciting about my copy of Three Farmers is that is still includes the original press release insert from 1985.

Having recently started reviewing books for, I've been getting a lot of these press releases--it's good to see that some part of the industry hasn't changed over the past 25 years.

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