Monday, April 4, 2011

New Penguin series: Great Food

This week in the UK, Penguin will release the first installment in another beautifully designed paperback set, this time aimed at book collectors and food aficionados. Similar to the "Great Ideas" series (and its multiple incarnations), "Great Food" is a collection of small paperbacks (around 100 pages or less), each adorned with some of the finest book design Penguin has to offer.

"Great Food" looks like a fun series with a much wider potential audience than the other Penguin sets. While those focused a lot more on classical, high-brow works, these look like anyone who likes to cook and read would find some enjoyment owning these. Shelve them with your cookbooks!

The artwork is done by none other than Coralie Bickford-Smith, who is becoming more and more of an asset at Penguin with every series she designs. A quick note: I've always loved when publishers allow a variation on their own iconic logos--how amazing is the fork-and-knife Penguin on these two?
There are twenty books in the set, they each retail for 6.99 GBP. If you're a US reader who wants to pick these up, don't fret: it seems like they will arrive stateside for $12.00 each in October. Also, don't forget to look at's some territory-distribution thing that allows a lot of UK books to be sold there; these will arrive next month at around $10CDN.

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