Monday, March 12, 2012

Men in Space by Tom McCarthy (signed and numbered edition)

Tom McCarthy's early novel Men in Space has finally been published in the United States, and I highly recommend checking it out. McCarthy (also author of the excellent C. and Remainder) is one of the best out there--he's only a few books into his career but already reinvents himself with each new book.

For some reason, Men in Space took five years to be distributed into the US. I'm afraid that the straight-to-paperback treatment Vintage is giving Men in Space might make some readers miss it. I recently reviewed the book for (which can be read here)--if it sounds like something you might like, I highly recommend seeking it out.

In 2007, I picked up a signed and numbered edition of Men in Space from Atria Books in the UK. This is an edition of only 250 copies with a tipped in limitation page. The top image of this post is the US paperback edition and the limited edition is below:

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