Friday, June 15, 2012

Concerts at Castle Hill by John Updike

Wow, another long hiatus from posts here at the blog. This time I have a good excuse--I got married on May 12th and spent the next two weeks honeymooning in Europe. We were in France for a week and then spent a week in Norway, including a visit to a gorgeous small town called Aalesund, which looks like this:

We've been back in Brooklyn for about three weeks, but most of our time has been devoted to settling back into something close to normal life. One routine I've been missing has been this blog, which I will jump back into with this rare find: Concerts at Castle Hill by John Updike:

A beautiful volume of music criticism, Concerts at Castle Hill covers a series of classical performances that took place in Ipswich, Massachusetts in the 60s. Previously published in the Ipswich Chronicle under the pseudonym “H.H.” (something to do with Updike's middle name, Hoyer), the Lord John Press has compiled all 22 reviews into a lovely little book. Concerts at Castle Hill was originally published in 1993 in an edition of 250 signed and numbered clothbound copies (this is number 107) and fifty deluxe copies.

A beautiful volume, and a great introduction to this press. Their website is still active, and it has a lot of great looking books for fairly cheap. Those Ray Bradbury limited editions look pretty enticing...

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