Monday, July 30, 2012

Swimming Home, by Deborah Levy (first edition, numbered)

Although I intend to be less involved with the Booker Prize this year, I am still interested in following the "markets"--seeing which titles are selling out and difficult to find in their first impressions. This year, the Booker judges have introduced me to And Other Stories press, who published Deborah Levy's Swimming Home in 2011. The book has an introduction by Tom McCarthy, too! The press has a great design aesthetic and offers an exciting subscription service for interested readers. If you subscribe for a full year, your name will be printed in the book as a thank-you for your support.

Today I learned that first editions of Swimming Home were specifically those numbered copies distributed to subscribers. And Other Stories has a few extra copies which they are selling on the Amazon marketplace for the appropriate sum of 45GBP. Coincidentally, this is how much it costs for a US reader to subscribe for a year (and get four books). After much deliberation, I decided against the copy of Swimming Home, thinking I might enjoy subscribing more. But, this means there are still copies available for you! Take a look, and buy a copy if it's still available. Even if it doesn't take the prize, it'll be good to support these guys:

Deborah Levy, Swimming Home (numbered first edition)

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