Sunday, August 19, 2012

No Hassles by Anne Waldman (Kulchur Foundation)

Here's a book I just got from eBay: No Hassles by Anne Waldman, illustrated by Joe Brainard, Donna Dennis and George Schneeman. This was published in 1971 by the Kulchur Foundation in New York City, which is a new-to-me old publisher who put out a lot of great poetry collections from the New York School scene (I bought this from a seller along with another out-of-print Kulchur book called Sung Sex by Kenward Elmslie and Joe Brainard). A "collaborative" book like this is a fun way to discover a new writer--I'm a fan of Brainard's art and am very pleased that my interest in his drawings has led me to a new poet.

I was surprised with the bulk of this book. I've got some other pieces that Brainard worked on and they've all been staple-bound and short on page count... I was expecting something of that general size, but this is bound quite nicely and has about 150 pages of poems, drawings and comics. Waldman calls it an "unhinged book in parts", which is a very apt (and quite lovely) description.

Here's a little poem:

And a wonderful sketch of Brainard's:

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