Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Year in Reviews

As we get closer to December, I thought it might be interesting to compile a "year in review" of sorts by listing all the reviews I've written for about.com. It's difficult to choose favorites from 2012--in addition to the below titles I've also enjoyed much of the Booker Prize list as well as the first three books in "A Song of Ice and Fire". Other highlights for my year of reading include Edward St. Aubyn's Patrick Melrose quintet, Amitav Ghosh's "River of Smoke", and the early novels of Ian McEwan.
Below is a list, by month, of all the reviews I've written this year. I'll pick a top five towards the end of December and features those titles individually, too. 


Michel Houllebecq, "The Map and the Territory"

Ben Marcus, "The Flame Alphabet"


Tom McCarthy, "Men in Space"


Geoff Dyer, "Zona"
László Krasznahorkai, "Satantango"
Edouard Levé, "Autoportrait"
Adam Levin, "Hot Pink"


Joe Brainard, "The Collected Writings"
Sergio De La Pava, "A Naked Singularity"
Jack Kerouac, "The Sea Is My Brother"
Jean-Philippe Toussaint, "Reticence"
Tor Ulven, "Replacement"


Alessandro Baricco, "Emmaus"
Roberto Bolaño, "The Secret of Evil"
Kojo Laing, "Search Sweet Country"
Noelle Revaz, "With The Animals"


Joe Sacco, "Journalism"
Colm Tóibín, "New Ways To Kill Your Mother"


John Brandon, "A Million Heavens"
Carlos Fuentes, "Vlad"


Danilo Kiš, "Psalm 44"


Kevin Powers, "The Yellow Birds"
Salman Rushdie, "Joseph Anton"
Zadie Smith, "NW"


Chris Ware, "Building Stories"
Mark Z. Danielewski, "The Fifty-Year Sword"


Colm Tóibín, "The Testament of Mary"
Roberto Bolaño, "Woes of the True Policeman"
Ian McEwan, "Sweet Tooth"
Carlos Gamerro, "The Islands"
Julianna Baggott, "Pure"

Currently reading:
Ian McEwan, "Sweet Tooth"

Currently listening to:
Chris Kiehne, "The Western Throne"  

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