Monday, January 21, 2013

Nemo! a screenplay by Ray Bradbury

Happy 2013! I'm looking forward to a new year of entries at The Oxen of the Sun, and I very much appreciate you dropping by the site.

I'm excited to have finally received my copy of Nemo!, a strange little screenplay by Ray Bradbury based on Winsor McCay's Little Nemo comics. For those who don't know Little Nemo, I highly recommend checking the comics out: Winsor McCay began Nemo in 1905, and made these gorgeous full-page comics about a boy who gets whisked off to adventure in Slumberland every time he falls asleep. The comics are nothing short of magical, and all end with Nemo awake, in a tangle of sheets, wondering if it was all a dream:

Subterranean Press, a publisher that typically does hard sci-fi and fantasy, announced Ray Bradbury's Nemo! screenplay almost a year ago. Subterranean has built a reputation on their multiple editions--they'll often print a limited edition trade hardcover for something like $40, and then a signed, numbered edition (bound a little differently, more expensive) and perhaps even a lettered run at some gloriously high price point that comes in some custom built box (or something). When Nemo! was announced, I quickly shot over to their site, only to find that the signed copies had all be quickly snatched up. But I did put a pre-order in for the trade, and almost a year later, it finally arrived. Limited to 1,000 copies, it's a striking little hardcover, bound in purple cloth, with a great cover by Charles Vess (who had previously worked with Neil Gaiman on Stardust). I haven't had a chance to dig into Nemo! yet but from a quick skim I can tell I'll enjoy it:

Subterranean Press is definitely worth keeping an eye on, even if you're not an especially big fan of fantasy fiction. While they do a lot of Game of Thrones-ish tomes that you might not be that into, they'll sneak out some gorgeous limited editions by some big names: there's a $450 (and up) signed, limited edition of The Shining coming out soon, and pre-orders begin this Wednesday...

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