Sunday, March 3, 2013

A limited edition of REVENGE by Yoko Ogawa

This beautiful book is a limited edition of Revenge, a newly-translated collection of interlocking short stories by Yoko Ogawa. Bound in vintage kimono silk by the Jade Bookbinding Studio, Revenge is limited to 100 signed and numbered copies and was offered in three variant bindings:

is an outstanding and genuinely spooky little collection, conjuring up the work of such classic writers like Shirley Jackson and Edgar Allen Poe. Ogawa shows exemplary restraint and simplicity in her stories and is still able to shock her readers with sinister twists and reveals. I highly recommend you check it out, and will personally be looking into her other short novels.

It's exciting to see an author with relatively new collector's appeal get an edition like this. Typically, a tight limitation of 100 books will be bound in leather, slipcased, and would start at around 150GBP. Harvill Secker found a way to create something beautiful and covetable on a much more modest scale, allowing the books to sell at a perfectly appropriate 50GBP. Ogawa doesn't have the cult following yet to warrant an expensive leather binding, but I'm thrilled that the publisher saw collector's potential in her work and gave Revenge the treatment it deserves.

Ogawa has a number of untranslated novels, and I hope Harvill Secker continues to offer limited editions as these are published.

This is copy 49/100, signed in Japanese by Ogawa on a specially-made bookplate.

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