Friday, April 12, 2013

Psychopts by Christopher Wool and Richard Hell

Psychopts is a small artist's book published in 2008 by John McWhinnie and Glenn Horowitz of collaborative typographic artwork by Christopher Wool and Richard Hell. As the story goes, Richard Hell had filled a notebook of word-pairings of those moments when your eyes see a word and your brain registers another one. Psychopts collects some of the most psychologically telling instances of these, presenting them like a visual, silent Freudian slip. It's something I've notice to in my reading--for example, words like "modem" and "modern" often blur into each other when I run into them. Richard Hell, naturally, has an edgier sort of spin on this typographic parallax, coming up with combinations like "incest" and "nicest". Christopher Wool is no stranger to text-based artwork, and the two artists have come up with a fascinating body of work using degenerated xerox prints and other typographic manipulations.

Here's what "Prufrock" looks crossed with "punk rock":

My copy was signed in 2008 by both artists at an event at The Strand in New York:

And here's the colophon, detailing the various limited editions at JM&GHB produced.

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