Sunday, September 28, 2014

William T. Vollmann, "Last Stories and Other Stories", signed with a drawing from City Lights Bookstore

I was in San Francisco earlier this summer after my brother-in-law's California wedding and had the pleasure of visiting the great City Lights bookstore. While browsing, a saw a flyer by the register for a William T. Vollmann event. I'm a big Vollmann fan and it was amazing to see how City Lights stepped up to his cult following for the reading. His new collection Last Stories and Other Stories is a composed of erotic ghost stories, and in the spirit of the book, guests were instructed to pick up a black envelope the week of the signing with instructions to meet at a 'secret location' offsite (I think some kind of San Francisco crypt). I had to fly out that day and had to miss the event, but the staff helped me get a signed copy and shipped it out to me in New York. This is a first edition, signed with an amazing drawing, and stamped with the City Lights insignia.

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