Sunday, October 12, 2014

"Rage of Poseidon" by Anders Nilsen, signed and personalized with a drawing

Seems I've found myself on a "signed with drawing" spree at The Oxen of the Sun. This week we'll take a look at last year's Rage of Poseidon by Anders Nilsen. I picked this up at the Brooklyn Book Festival in 2013 and had surprisingly good enough timing to coincide that purchase with Nilsen's signing window at the Drawn and Quarterly booth. It's a lovely book and features a rarely-seen accordion binding glued in from the back endpapers. Rage of Poseidon collects a handful of short stories, each with a philosophical, modern twist on Greek and Christian folklore. The tone of the book is reminiscent of Nilsen's Monologues volumes and The End but demonstrates a far more refined text and artistic direction. Each page consists of a single panel of artwork that plays with silhouettes and gives a nod to the ethereal interpretability of myth; we all know of Poseidon and Noah, but hardly anything more than their outlines.

Nilsen signed this book for my wife and me at the Book Fair, sprouting a head, arm, leg, and hunchback from his table of contents.

I suggest everyone take a look at Anders Nilsen's website and check out his "Conversation Gardening" project. In an effort to bridge that widening gap between creators and their audience, he's asked his readers to buy his books from an independent store, send him proof of purchase and a question or idea written on a small sheet of paper: he will then, eventually, draw you an answer and send it back. I'm currently in the queue for an answer myself and will update with results. It's an incredibly generous and remarkably thoughtful idea, reminiscent to me of such question-based art projects like James Lee Byars and the World Question Center.

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