Sunday, October 26, 2014

Update: Newly framed! Karen Green, Bough Down (from Siglio Press)

Way back in May 2013 I featured a book called Bough Down by Karen Green, published by Siglio Press. In addition to a wide print-run, this was offered in a wonderful limited edition of only 25 copies where each book came with a small, unique collage by Green. I was lucky enough to get a copy. Those of you who are interested in seeing what another piece from this edition looked like, take a look at this eBay listing.

This collage has been on our "to-frame" list for about a year and half, and as of Thursday this week we finally finished the job. It looks fantastic - I realize now that my pictures from my earlier post hardly do the collage any justice. Here it is, in its complete glory, framed and puzzle-pieced into our new salon-style wall.

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