Monday, March 16, 2015

Kazuo Ishiguro, "The Buried Giant" (2015, signed first edition)

Following last week's post on Satin Island, here's another beautifully designed edition from Peter Mendelsund. Kazuo Ishiguro's The Buried Giant came out two weeks ago and looks absolutely splendid. I'm only about fifty pages in, but the story reads as if lost in time; Ishiguro's narrator speaks as if he or she is some sort of wise sage and frequently addresses the reader as if we're from generations into the future, post-dystopia, or generations the other way, in some medieval realm.

The book very keenly achieves a similar sentiment: it feels old, well-worn and archaic, and it's incredible to think that a book like this probably has a print run of over 100,000 copies. The jacket's got a nice texture to it, with decorative gold faux-tooling. The endpapers look straight out of Tolkien, and the black stain on the pages' edges add to the overall illusion that this is some kind of rare library find. But it's only $26, less depending on where you look. Here's a link to a 50 GBP limited edition from Faber... I'd say the US version is better.

The boards look like the book's been bound in green leather with a marbled gold spine. 

It's really a gorgeous book, one of the nicest wide-release titles I've seen in a long time. My copy is a signed first edition, signed by Ishiguro on a tipped-in page before the book's front matter. I picked this up at Powell's via their webstore for the retail price -- I imagine there are quite a few signed firsts out there, and I highly recommend you track one down. 

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