Sunday, April 5, 2015

Joseph Heller, Something Happened (signed with mysterious inscription, 1979)

A quick post late this Sunday to show you all one of the first rare books I picked up when I started collecting. I was a teenager, and found myself in a short-lived Joseph Heller phase after having been delighted by Catch-22 and having an early taste of contemporary American literature. This was around 2000, the same year that I learned about eBay and its collectible offerings.

When this signed mass-market paperback of Something Happened showed up online for something like $8.00, I jumped at the opportunity. The R-Rated subtext here made teenage-me think I bought in on some illicit literary secret. Adult me smirks, shrugs, and is happy to share. I mean, who knows this really means, right?

"To Jenny Litt,

Hello again - - the
morning after.

Joe Heller

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