Sunday, July 26, 2015

Charles Burns and Killoffer, "In The Garden Of Evil" (signed and numbered with Will Oldham record, Pigeon Press 2015)

Pigeon Press just put out an incredible new edition by Charles Burns and Killoffer called In The Garden Of Evil.

This is a staple-bound book, roughly 24 pages long, featuring gorgeous illustrations by both Burns and Killoffer (working together). It's amazing what they came up with as a team: the two artists trade foregrounds and backgrounds, Killoffer's soft anatomical skies and fields lurk around Adam and Eve, rendered strikingly familiarly in Burns's signature calligraphic line work.

The book is in an edition of 1000 copies, signed and numbered. This is copy 249:

Some other details that are particularly exciting: on the front flap, an embossed stamp of the publisher's logo, but on the back: this enigmatic symbol from Burns. He stamped my copy of Sugar Skull with this insignia in red ink last year in Brooklyn... how mysterious...

And lastly, and most suprisingly: a flexidisc record featuring a song called "Garden of Evil" by Will Oldham. 

I suspect that this has been sold almost exclusive at comic fairs this year; it's surprisingly hard to find at this point, although there have been copies on eBay. I got mine from Last Gasp in San Francisco, although it looks like they've since sold out.

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