Sunday, September 20, 2015

Marcel Dzama and Raymond Pettibon collaborative zine from David Zwirner Books (signed from NYABF)

While my wife and I were at the New York Art Book Fair this weekend, we put in our time to a very lengthy line to get a signed copy of Marcel Dzama and Raymond Pettibon's new collaborative zine. The book is amazing and published by the year-old "David Zwirner Books". Of course all major galleries publish exhibition catalogues, but it's exciting to think of Zwirner taking it a step further and operating more officially as a publishing house. I hope they continue to put out books as bold and creatively curated as Dzama Pettibon.

Dzama Pettibon is a full-color digital offset staple-bound zine, printed in an edition of only 200 copies. I'm sure at least 100 sold on Saturday at the book fair. Dzama and Pettibon graciously signed copies for about an hour and a half doing illustrations in everyone's books. Dzama would start with a bat or some kind of spooky thing and pass it to Pettibon who would sign with some kind of iconic (and often incongruous) imagery. Below, take a look at a Dzama bat, signed "ALL OUR BATS", with a Pettibon-added "AND ALL MY MFCKN BASES" (which might be a reference to this?) Who knows! All very cool and crazy to see the zine's completely gone already. 

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