Sunday, November 22, 2015

Adam Johnson, "Fortune Smiles" (signed 1st edition, winner of the 2015 National Book Award)

Didn't see this coming: Adam Johnson, who previously won the Pulitzer Prize for The Orphan Master's Son, won the National Book Award this week for Fortune Smileshis first collection of short stories. I've not read Fortune Smiles yet; it's been on my shelf since August. It's one of those strange books that I am certain is perfectly great but non-essential as far as prioritizing it up the to-be-read pile. Now that the National Book Award have decorated it, I be giving it a shot sooner than I'd originally planned. (Superficially, it's great to see a collection of short fiction where the pieces run as long as 50-60 pages.)

This is a signed first edition (on a tipped-in page) that I picked up from Community Bookstore in Park Slope:

And, the colophon:

There are a lot of these out there in the $50 range, so there's still time for you collectors to snag a copy at a relatively reasonable price.

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