Sunday, January 24, 2016

Ursula LeGuin, The Farthest Shore (1973 Gollancz Edition)

This past holiday I was gifted the third volume of Ursula LeGuin's Earthsea Trilogy, thus completing my set of the 1970s Gollancz Edition with artwork by David Smee. I featured the first two books previously here, and it's a great feeling to finally finish what my grandfather more or less started before the books were passed down to me.

Here's a look at the beautiful wraparound cover of The Farthest Shore:

And, all books together. Upon revisiting Earthsea this weekend, I'm struck with how short and efficient LeGuin's prose is and how she doesn't jeopardize the scope of her book by tightening her plot. The trilogy clocks in at just under 600 pages! You don't need an epic page count to tell an epic story. To think, that in our pop-fantasy era, that final volumes are not only being adapted into films but those films are split into two...

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