Sunday, February 21, 2016

Tom Gauld, The Gigantic Robot (signed with drawing) (Buenaventura Press, 2009)

Following last week's post about Pigeon Press and Alvin Buenaventura, I thought it'd be nice to feature an old Buenaventura Press book this week that I picked up from Alvin during a book fair in 2009.

This is Tom Gauld's The Gigantic Robot: it's a very short picture book that reads like a children's fable, printed on thick paper with these great rounded edges like an old composition notebook. It's sparse but absolutely wonderful (and with a resonant, cautionary message, too!).

At the time, I had known a little about Tom Gauld, most of which came from the Buenaventura shop's page (there a staple-bound strip called Hunter & Painter that's also particularly lovely). When I bought The Gigantic Robot, Gauld was sitting at the booth with Alvin and graciously drawing doodles for people. Check it out:

Since then, Tom Gauld's gone on to draw weekly cartoons for The Guardian, and he even drew the cover of the copy of Dumas' The Three Musketeers that I read on my honeymoon. His work continues to charm me, and his literary leanings and precise linework make for some very fine strips. Seriously, how good is this:

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