Saturday, May 7, 2016

Don DeLillo, Zero K (signed first edition)

Last week I had the privilege of seeing Don DeLillo read from his new novel Zero K at the 92nd Street Y. His reading was an incredible amalgamation of sections from the entire book - it was a joy to hear him read something I'd so recently read myself and hear it re-sequenced, as if anew. The New York Times did a great write-up of the event, which can be found here.

After the event, DeLillo was gracious enough to sign books: he said he's sign Zero K and one additional book from his backlist. Of course, there wouldn't be a book event in New York without a slew of book-flipping vultures, who crammed the front of the line with *stacks* of inexplicably perfect copies of Americana... it was a shame to watch these guys take advantage of DeLillo, and by the time I got to meet him I could tell he was already spent. Lucky for me, he kindly signed my Zero K and my first edition of The Names, both of which are proudly shelved in the still-growing section of DeLillo books in my library. The line was remarkably long (to the door and then some) and I'm afraid some folks were turned away. Glad I made the cut!

I recently reviewed Zero K for Run Spot Run, which can be read here. Please take a look - this is one of the big books of 2016.

And, for fun: here's a photo of the great spine of the book. My review copy was tape-bound so I hadn't seen this until I bought the hardcover. Very nice!

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