Sunday, June 5, 2016

R. Crumb, Art & Beauty (signed and numbered edition of 400 from David Zwirner Books)

My wife and I stopped into the David Zwirner pop-up bookstore this past Saturday after seeing their outstanding Sigmar Polke show and found this catch: a signed, slipcased and numbered edition of R. Crumb's Art & Beauty, published a few months ago by David Zwirner Books on the occasion of their London Crumb exhibition.

I'm a big Crumb fan, although I'm taking things slow on the collecting front: I've got The Complete Zap Comix, a collaboration he did with Bukowski and Black Sparrow Press, and a signed copy of his Book of Genesis, but have yet to get into the scads of other material that's out there. There's a ton. Crumb seems really into limited, collector's editions of his books, things that come with lithographs, silkscreens, and so on - there are now four separate Crumb-related releases with TASCHEN, for instance. But, the trouble is that the affordable few of these tend to sell out very quickly. I remember trying to get a copy of Genesis that Norton put out with a print but it was already gone.

This Zwirner book is great -- Crumb did two issues of Art & Beauty with Fantagraphics around fifteen years ago, and just this year a third issue with Zwirner (I suspect the exhibition that just closed had all the original pages on view). For $35 you could buy the hardcover of all three issues, but for $150 you can get a slipcased copy with a signed and number bookplate. This is #370 from a relatively small edition of 400 copies. Copies can be purchased here. 

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