Monday, September 5, 2016

William T. Vollmann, "An Afghanistan Picture Show" (US first edition, signed with drawing)

I recently saw that Ken Sanders Rare Books out of Salt Lake City had a trove of signed first editions by William T. Vollmann that each had weird little drawings included with their signature. My Vollmann shelf was already complete and bowing, but I took the opportunity to trade up a few of my unsigned editions with some of Sanders' stock. I love An Afghanistan Picture Show, but my copy wasn't signed or decorated, but for $25, I got this copy with a star-eyed face opposite the title page. (Shadows below are from the nearby flowers in the shot). 

Sanders has a few others, and his copy of The Rainbow Stories is very tempting (as it has a multi-colored rainbow in it). I'll feature a few more signed-with-drawing Vollmanns in the next few weeks. (I recently finally read Europe Central on my vacation to Central Europe and am on a bit of a high from that masterpiece of a book.)

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